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PT KMPlus Optima Internasional


KMPlus is a leading Knowledge Management consulting company in Indonesia that focuses on creating added value through the utilization and management of knowledge. Formed by a team of professionals from various business backgrounds. We are committed to providing premium services for consultations and workshops.
Over the last 15 years, KMPlus has developed Knowledge Management, Innovation, Leadership and People Development methodologies and programs. We are also experienced in working with various leading companies in Indonesia in providing training to develop employees, as well as consulting to manage knowledge that helps our clients achieve their goals and targets.
KMPlus aligns the training and consulting programs provided according to the company’s current business needs, and future developments. KMPlus is committed to providing the best service for client companies through consulting, training and partnerships to develop Knowledge Management (KM), Innovation, Culture, People Development, Knowledge Worker, and KM System (KMS).